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A Better Case for My 3D Printer

Recently I built a case for my 3D printer as I had some problems with warping when printing ABS. I thought that if I could stabilize the air temperature around the printer and keep drafts out it would increase my printing quality.

After making some rough plans I went to the hardware store and bought 2m² of clear polystyrene glass. After I printed some corner brackets to assemble my case I screwed the plates together with M3 machine-screws and nuts. When printing with the hood on the interior temperature of the case stabilizes at around 35 to 40°C.

A problem however is that the polystyrene isn’t as stable as I thought so it started to bend and sag inwards a bit so I decided to construct a better version of the case using some spruce planks and plywood. The inner dimensions of the case will be a base of 52cm x 52cm and height of 49cm. The back wall, bottom and top will be solid plywood while the left, right and front side will have frames made from the spruce planks. The left and right will have some of the polystyrene that I am using for my current case screwed to it from the inside. The front will have a door with a magnetic lock to prevent accidental openings.

I plan on mounting a spool holder and the power supply to the backside of the case and some lights to the top so I have some more light when taking photos or videos of the printer.

I will update this post with more details and images of the build after I manage to get to the hardware store again to buy a new blade for my miter-box.

Update 20.11.2013:
I actually had to buy a new saw. The new blades I bought were about half a milimeter too short. The new saw however is not really good quality wise so I built a franken-saw from the old saw and parts of the new one so the new sawblades can be used with the old saw.

Below you will find pictures of the case build process. The only things left are to install the remaining parts on the bottom and to add the plexiglass to the sides and to add a front door.