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Trying Out KDE

Ok, so it has been a while since my last post - I’ve been busy with university, work and real life in general.

On a different note I’ve decided to try out KDE as a desktop environment instead of Xfce for a while.

A Better Case for My 3D Printer

Recently I built a case for my 3D printer as I had some problems with warping when printing ABS. I thought that if I could stabilize the air temperature around the printer and keep drafts out it would increase my printing quality.

Additional Rules for Logcheck on Debian Wheezy

I recently installed an utility called logcheck on my server. This utility runs once per hour and checks the syslog for suspicious entries like someone trying to guess passwords or trying to do other not so nice stuff. The problem however is that the default lists provided by Debian don’t contain rules for all software I run on my server that writes to the syslog.

One of them is Dovecot which is included in Debian and there are rules for it as well but they aren’t complete enough or I just consider some stuff unimportant that they don’t. Another service that I run is spampd which is a anti-spam filter that works together with Postfix to keep the spammers at bay. Debian has no rules for it so I had to make my own set of rules.

Measuring Temperature Using 1wire Sensors and a RaspberryPi

This posting is my attempt at documenting the temperature measurement system I built in June using DS18S20 1wire temperature sensors and my RaspberryPi.

The software I used for this is rrdtool to draw graphs, lighttpd to serve the images and cron to automate the process.

After the break there are some more images and the script I use to collect the data.

Using a Samsung ML-2545 Laser Printer With a RaspberryPi

My old Kodak printer had a broken/jammed printing head and went through ink cartridges faster than I liked because I wasn’t used that often and the Linux support for it was lacking (read: non-existent).

So I decided to get myself a new printer. I bought Samsung ML-2545 because there are Linux drivers for it and because the replacement toner isn’t too expensive.

Welcome to My Blog

Hi everyone this is an attempt at blogging. I don’t know if there will be any interesting content or even updates after the initial hype of finally having a blog dies down but we’ll see.

I think I will mainly be posting/writing about random technical things like Linux or 3d printing.